Dear Friends,

On October 3, 2010, Rene di Rosa, Founder and visionary, passed away peacefully at age 91.

photo by Jock McDonald

An inspiration for all of us, Rene lived life more fully than most, and achieved unconventional success in the worlds of art and wine. A passionate and omnivorous art collector, he became equally renowned for his famed Winery Lake vineyards, and his engaged philanthropy. In 1960, he purchased 450 acres in the little-known Carneros region of Napa and despite his city roots, embarked on love affair with the land, becoming a leader in the fight to preserve the region’s agriculture and open space.

Rene di Rosa touched many lives in the Bay Area—there are as many stories as there are people who knew him. Many of us encountered him as the ubiquitous figure in a tractor cap at art events, and through his service on the Boards of the Berkeley Art Museum and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, as well as the National Advisory Board of the Whitney Museum. He was a generous friend, and a champion, and indefatigable patron of Bay Area artists, many of whom are now recognized nationally and internationally.

More than 25 years ago, Rene and his late wife Veronica shared a dream of building a unique museum at Winery Lake in which art could be enjoyed in concert with nature. The nonprofit organization that bears their name opened to the public in 1997 and was fully incorporated as an independent museum in 2000. Today we are proud to continue his legacy through engagement with the art of our region and commitment to celebrating and supporting the artists who make Northern California their home.

Kathryn Reasoner, Executive Director


Kathryn Reasoner, Executive Director
Kristin Baird, Gatehouse Gallery Coordinator
Meagan Doud, Curatorial Assistant
Miki Hsu Leavey, Education & Volunteer Manager
Janet Huston, Visitor Services Manager
Anza Jarschke, Interim Development Assistant
Stephanie King, Public Relations Manager
Michelle Lounibos Russell, CFO & Admin. Director
Gonzalo Magdaleno,
Building & Maintenance Supervisor
Melissa McLean, Office Manager
Amy Owen, Curator
Jose Perez, Grounds Manager


William Duff, President
Brenda Mixson, Vice President
Lauriann Delay, Secretary/Treasurer
Richard Meese, Past President
Lauren Ackermann
Beth Barker
Jill Cole
Wayne Fingerman
Nicole Hollis
Elaine Honig
Jackie Jackson
Tim Kelly
Michael Maher
Camilla Martin
Tim McDonald
Claire Stull
Richard Triolo
Nicole Ward

Volunteer Council Chair
Sandy Zuckerman

Directors Emeriti
William Allan
Liz Christensen
Henry Corning
Julie Desloge Newhall
Diane Frankel
Wanda Hansen Ashe
Sally Lilienthal (d)
Cecile McCann (d)
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Richard Mendelson
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Phil Schlein
Norma Schlesinger (d)
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Carry Thacher
Richard Triolo
Virginia Van Asperen (d)
Richard Ward
Sue Wollack

Honorary Board Members
Sam Bronfman
Rosalie Ewing
Harris Nussbaum

Advisory Committee
Nion McEvoy
William T. Wiley

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