First and Third Fridays, 10:45-11 AM

Amuse Bouche

Gallery 1

Larry Sultan, My Mother with Thanksgiving Turkey, 1986. di Rosa Collection, Napa.

Join di Rosa staff members as they serve up tidbits about their favorite artworks in Gallery 1. Each Amuse Bouche presents one work of art in a bright and conversational style that will leave you hungry for more.

Free with Gallery 1 admission ($5)
Drop-ins welcome; RSVP not required.

Schedule of Talks:

February 2
Larry Sultan’s My Mother with Thanksgiving Turkey (1986) with Andrea Saenz Williams, Director of Education & Civic Engagement

February 16
George Herms’s Gigolo (1989) with Gregory Gazaway, Visitor Services Representative

March 2
Deborah Remington’s Untitled (1951) with Colleen Schulman, Senior Development Officer

March 16
Manuel Neri’s Acha de Noche III (1975) with Hugo Corro, Education & Civic Engagement Coordinator

April 6
Joan Brown’s Girl Standing (Girl with Red Nose) (1962) with Amy Owen, Curator

April 20
Judy Dater’s Imogen and Twinka at Yosemite (1974) with Andrea Saenz Williams, Director of Education & Civic Engagement

May 4
Frances Stark’s General and Particular Impotence (2003) with Kara Q. Smith, Assistant Curator

May 18
Catherine Wagner’s 7th and 8th Grade Science Classroom, Moss Landing Elementary (1984) with Katie Kime, Director’s Office & Special Projects Manager