“What should a contemporary art center be for the 21st century & in this community?”

This is the question we asked ourselves, and the insights from this contemplation have led to the dynamic transformation to what is now the di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art. The challenge was to develop a sustainable and contemporary arts organization, one with its roots in the distinctive spirit of our founder while evolving into a thriving member of the regional art ecosystem that is developing and supporting art and artists presently and into the future. 

The important decision by the Foundation’s board is only the latest piece of an ongoing strategic shift that is promising a sustainable future for a thriving center in the now and next.


We are grateful to all of our supporters during this exciting transformation.

The entire team here at di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art hears our supporters and appreciates the initial feedback and all of your questions. This Information Hub was created based upon your input and concerns, and we will continue to keep it responsive to your questions as our initiative develops. Following is a Frequently Asked Questions resource, our Executive Director’s Official Statement, di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art’s Official Press Release, and links to recent press regarding the initiative. 


Is the di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art closing? 

The simple answer is No. We are not shuttering the doors. Our site is open, all scheduled program offerings are ongoing, and our commitment to our audience, community partners, and volunteers is strong as ever.

The center’s current exhibitions Viola Frey: Center Stage and Building A Different Model: Selections from the di Rosa Collection are on view through the end of 2019. Look forward to several artist talks, our variety of tours, and our second iteration this year of our di Rosa Days event, a massive family-friendly celebration on October 5th!

Additionally, we are in the very final stages of planning for an extraordinary series of world-class exhibitions through 2020 including collaborations with cutting edge contemporary regional artists in Gallery 1, and two extensive surveys in Gallery 2 of artists Jean Conner and Deborah Remington, in conjunction with select pieces from the di Rosa collection. 


Are you selling all the artwork from the di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art right now? 

We are not selling all the artwork. The Rene and Veronica di Rosa Foundation’s board recent decision to reduce and focus the collection and become a non-collecting entity means particular artworks Rene acquired will find new homes, but a legacy collection of several hundred works that reflects the interests of our founder and the historical period will always remain a significant resource to the center’s vision and mission. 

The important initiative will be a gradual and thoughtful one led by our director, di Rosa Foundation’s Collections Committee, and in consultation with Graham W. J. Beal, (who knew Rene), former Director, President, and CEO of the Detroit Institute of Arts.


How will the funds raised from the sales be used? 

The sales of artwork will be used for the Foundation’s endowment.


We could not be more excited about the future.

Our hours are Wednesday to Sunday, 10AM – 4 PM. Get connected for other special event times and dates.


How will this initiative impact the site, employees, and volunteers?

There is no near-term impact. The direction and momentum of an ongoing, multi-year strategic plan continues. The future result of the sales will lead to strengthening the endowment, which will ensure sustainability benefiting the mission, and all community stakeholders. 


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How can I learn more? 

Here are some links for more information and press:

How can I support di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art? 

We rely on support from the Foundation and a modest group of generous individuals who are doing all they can. But we need YOU to visit, tell a friend, attend an event, kick in a few bucks . . . our collective effort can keep these doors open to everyone.

Here are some ways you can help right now:

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

We are at the beginning stages of the initiative so there remains specific aspects of its development that are still being determined. We appreciate your patience and as information becomes available we will periodically update the Info hub. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to email your questions and concerns to our communications manager R.J. Grooms and he will respond to you within 3-business days.