What: A leisurely walk approximately 1 mile on mostly flat terrain around Winery Lake with our expert birding guide, Sara Curtis.

When: 4th Sunday of the month at 10 am.  Tickets available on our calendar.

Where: di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art – 5200 Carneros Highway, Napa

Who: Sara Curtis is a 6th generation Napan and, when not at her day job as a hotel concierge, she spends most of her time birding at local parks and wildlife preserves. While Sara has always been intrigued by animal behavior, her birding obsession officially fledged in 2020, when unfortunate global circumstances granted her more time away from her day job to enjoy the outdoors. Her favorite birds are Swainson’s Hawks and all species of chickadee, and she is very excited to share her passion for birds and ecology with the community!

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