Art Practical

ArtPracticalLogoFrom 2014-2016, di Rosa partnered with Art Practical, an online magazine that enriches critical dialogue for the Bay Area visual arts by providing comprehensive analysis of events and exhibitions.
This partnership established a significant platform for increasing awareness and further contextualizing the region’s rich and varied art historical trajectory, creating an invaluable resource for artists, curators, critics, and scholars worldwide.
Notes from di Rosa is a column produced by Art Practical in which di Rosa’s collection served as a focus and cornerstone for an in-depth exploration of Northern California Contemporary art.
View the archive:
I Love You, But… by Christian Nagler (June 2016)
Judy Dater: On Vaginas and Earthworks by Victoria Gannon (May 2015)
Rock, Paper, Scissors by Vanessa Kauffman (April 2015)
Little Rebellions: Women and Robots at di Rosa by Emily K. Holmes (April 2015)
Context is Everything: Visiting di Rosa by Maria Porges (Nov. 2014)
All the Feels by Aaron Harbour and Jacki Im (Nov. 2014)
Remote Viewing with Stairwell’s by Sarah Hotchkiss and Carey Lin (Nov. 2014)
Transformations—Death, Breakage, and the Unexpected by Terri Cohn (Oct. 2014)
Jim Melchert at Winery Lake by Patricia Maloney (July 2014)
External Combustion by A. Will Brown (Sept. 2013)