Mildred Howard, How's This for a Native Product, 1992, di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art
January 23 - July 25, 2021
Gallery 2
The Incorrect Museum: Vignettes from the di Rosa Collection explores the history of art in Northern California. Drawing on the institution’s extensive collection, the exhibition will present a series of vignettes exploring regional movements ranging from Funk and Nut art to Northern California conceptualism.


Jim Drain Membrane
February 22 - December 27, 2020
Gallery 1
Jim Drain’s long-term installation Membrane marks one of two inaugural projects in di Rosa’s Conversation Pieces series and the artist’s first solo commission in Northern California. Drain was a member of Forcefield, a seminal Providence, Rhode Island-based collective active from 1996-2002 that explored the merging of music, performance, film, and installation into one platform.
Davina Semo Messenger
JANUARY 29 - JUNE 28, 2020
Gallery 1
Davina Semo’s exhibition Core Reflections marks one of two inaugural projects in di Rosa’s Conversation Pieces series. The San Francisco-based artist works across two and three dimensions, often utilizing industrial materials that examine tensions between nature, society and the self.
March 9 - December 29, 2019
Gallery 1
There is no better image for this dive into di Rosa’s collection than William Allan’s 1992 painting, Update for the Model of Rome. Allan, who spent much time in and around the collection, here imagines not a new reality, per se, but a new way to imagine it.

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