di Rosa long term closure FAQs

Q: Which staff are being laid off or furloughed?

Because we are a small organization, we’ve re-focused job descriptions based on cross-functional capabilities of staff members. Key continuing functions include financial operations, site maintenance, education and civic engagement, and collection management. Former Executive Director Robert Sain assumed director emeritus status May 1, 2020.

Q: How is di Rosa supporting the employees being furloughed or laid-off?

di Rosa joined efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 and announced our public closure the week of March 16. di Rosa has kept its staff, both full-time and part-time, on regular compensation for over five weeks since that time. With the extended public closure, we must prepare for a reduced public facing operation.

Q: Will you be rehiring this fall to ramp up for a January opening?

We intend to fill vacant positions as needed, and this will include positions that work with the public when we reopen.

Q: Are you planning to hire a curator?

di Rosa will be working with guest curators for the 2021 exhibitions.


program, collection, and exhibition questions

Q: What about programs or online activities?

We are actively working to support key community partners during this time, and we stand ready to do more in the community as organizations resume their activities. This includes valued relationships with California College of the Arts and Sonoma State University; the Boys and Girls Clubs of Napa Valley; Community Resources for Children; Napa County Public Library and Sonoma Valley Regional Library; and La Luz Center in Sonoma. In addition, di Rosa is steadily increasing its online presence to include fun, thought-provoking, and informational content for all ages, including weekly bilingual art activities.

Q: What is the status of the sale of collection artwork that was announced last summer?

Work on collection refinement is ongoing and is proceeding at a slow and careful pace. We made a small group of works (15) available for sale over the past year and have had some success. Some of those works were slated for sale at public auctions this spring and summer, most of which have either been postponed or cancelled.

Q: When will the Legacy Collection be announced?

The Collection Committee of our Board is continuing its thoughtful work to define a focused legacy collection. The process remains part of the strategy going forward and is proceeding with careful consideration. A date for an announcement has not been determined.

Q: What about the current exhibitions?

The current exhibitions will remain installed according to their respective timelines. We are proceeding to develop content that will engage viewers in experience the exhibitions online.


financial questions

Q: di Rosa has been struggling for years. Is this just the Board’s way of slowly winding down the organization?

The Board firmly believes that di Rosa has a bright future ahead. We have every intention to reopen in 2021. Our core team will use the coming months to strengthen both our operations and our community connections and are working actively on programming and exhibitions for the coming year.

Q: What is di Rosa’s budget?

di Rosa’s budget typically was in the $1.7 million range in the past but climbed to nearly $3 million in 2019. With COVID-19, that budget is not sustainable in 2020, and the Board is seeking a reset in the 2020 budget to about $1.65 million this year.


community questions

Q: Will docents and volunteers continue?

Absolutely! Docents and volunteers are an important part of the di Rosa family. We will continue to engage them through regular email updates and will provide online training resources in advance of our public reopening. We hope to resume in-person training in the fall if social distancing restrictions are lifted.

Q: How can I support di Rosa? What if I want to donate?

There are many ways to support di Rosa during this time, from sharing our news and social media posts to making a charitable contribution. We appreciate your support – whatever form it may be. https://www.dirosaart.org/give-now/

Q: What happens to my membership during the closure period?

Your di Rosa membership is deeply appreciated. As a sign of our commitment to you, we will be extending all $50 Insider memberships without charge for one year past their expiration date. We also welcome new members during this time. Join now to show your support and begin your membership in full on January 1, 2021.

Q: How will you keep the art on site secure?

di Rosa’s core team includes key site and facilities staff who will be on campus to ensure artwork security, as well the continued maintenance of the 217 acre property. A significant portion of the collection remains safely in offsite storage.

Q: I have questions. How can I contact the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors welcomes your comments and questions. Please email foundationboard@dirosaart.org with questions for the board. All other general inquiries can be sent to communications@dirosaart.org.