June 18 - September 17, 2011

Zombie-Proof House

Gatehouse Gallery

Anthony_Discenza_Installation_View_of__Greater_Horrors_1410_45Zombie-Proof House is a meditation on anxiety and hope in a troubled time. This major group exhibition, organized by di Rosa curator Robert Wuilfe, explores recent history and potential futures as they relate to collapse, political upheaval and shared responsibility. Taking its tongue-in-cheek title from the recent predominance of zombies in language and pop culture, the exhibition approaches seemingly insurmountable issues with a sometimes darkly humorous sensibility. Artists include: Anthony Discenza, HalfLifers (Torsten Z. Burns and Anthony Discenza), Suzanne Husky, Inka Hoots (Joshua Short and Joel Dean Stockdill), Packard Jennings, Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao, Whitney Lynn, Julio Cesar Morales, Lucy Puls, and Carol Selter.