Monthly Archives: December 2010

CYCLE 輪回: New Works by Hung Liu

Di Rosa’s New Work series offers the public an opportunity to encounter new and recent works by important Bay Area artists. As a painter, Hung Liu challenges the documentary authority of historical Chinese photographs by subjecting them to a more reflective process of painting. Much of the meaning of her painting comes from the way the washes and drips dissolve the documentary images, suggesting the passage of memory into history, while working to uncover the cultural and personal narratives fixed–but often concealed–in the photographic instant.  She has written: “I want to both preserve and destroy the image.” read more

Looking at You Looking at Me

Looking at You Looking at Me brings together an intriguing group of artworks from the di Rosa collection that provokes conversation about the ways we look at each other, the implications of being the subject of a gaze, and the role of art in this complex interplay. Featuring photography, video, sculpture, painting, and electronic constructions by Robert Arneson, Anthony Aziz, Leon Borensztein, Bruce Cannon, Carter, Van Deren Coke, Marque Cornblatt, Judy Dater, Viola Frey, Jack Fulton, Michael Garlington, George Herms, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Larry Jordan, leonardogillesfleur, Judy Malloy, Alan Rath, Rigo 23, and Michael Stevens. read more
Image: Jack Fulton, Out Front, 1968/2001. Digital prints from scanned 1968 images. Gift of Phyllis Wattis.

Zombie-Proof House

Zombie-Proof House is a meditation on anxiety and hope in a troubled time. This major group exhibition, organized by di Rosa curator Robert Wuilfe, explores recent history and potential futures as they relate to collapse, political upheaval and shared responsibility. Taking its tongue-in-cheek title from the recent predominance of zombies in language and pop culture, the exhibition approaches seemingly insurmountable issues with a sometimes darkly humorous sensibility. Artists include: Anthony Discenza, HalfLifers (Torsten Z. Burns and Anthony Discenza), Suzanne Husky, Inka Hoots (Joshua Short and Joel Dean Stockdill), Packard Jennings, Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao, Whitney Lynn, Julio Cesar Morales, Lucy Puls, and Carol Selter. read more

Reconstructed World

Reconstructed World focuses on the work of artists who draw viewers into complex narrative tableaux through recreating and restaging sites, objects, and stories. Rather than striving for perfect realism or objective documentation, these projects side-step traditional representation for a more uncanny and ultimately affective experience. The projects in the exhibition utilize a range of media that include animated video, assemblage, constructed photographs and installation to evoke realities beneath the perceived surface of the everyday. Artists in the exhibition include: Sandow Birk and Elyse Pignolet, Keith Cottingham, Kota Ezawa, Al Farrow, Samara Halperin, leonardogillesfleur, Liz Hickok, and Tracey Snelling. read more
Image: Kota Ezawa, Beatles Über California (still), 2010. Single-channel video with sound, 3:27 min. Courtesy of the artist and Haines Gallery, SF.

Enrique Chagoya: Surviving Paradise/Sobreviviendo el Paraíso

Enrique Chagoya: Surviving Paradise/Sobreviviendo el Paraíso featured new and significant recent work by the artist highlighting cross-border themes that he has explored throughout his artistic career: immigration, colonization, political struggle, economics and cultural imposition. Through masterful drawings, prints, books and editioned objects, Chagoya brings an analytical and often darkly humorous eye to bear on the world around us. read more
Image: Enrique Chagoya, Illegal Alien’s Guide to Somewhere Over the Rainbow, 2010. Llithograph, TP. Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Paule Anglim.