Staff and Board


Hugo Corro, Manager of Education & Civic Engagement 

Dave Else, Visitor Services Representative

Kate Eilertsen, Executive Director

Rob Hansen, Facilities Manager

Justin Kantoff, Development Database & Operations Administrator

Katie Kime, Collections & Special Projects Manager

Gonzalo Magdaleno, Building & Maintenance Supervisor

Jose Perez, Grounds Manager

Savio Pisani, Visitor Services Representative

Alison Rodrigues, Administrative Manager

Kathleen Schwanz, Visitor Services Representative

Andrea Saenz Williams, Director of Education & Civic Engagement

Laura Zimmerman, Director of Development

Board of Directors

Linda B. Fine, co-President

Girish Satya, co-President

Kevin Douglas, Treasurer

Michael Cello

Liz Dietz

Phil Hinerman

Jacqueline Jackson

Will Marencia

Lorna Stevens

Bart Voorsanger