Board of Directors

Phil Hinerman, Co-President

Christopher Barefoot, Co-President

Philip Tringale, Vice President

Josie Haspel, Treasurer and Secretary

Michael Cello

David Gallulo

Neal Harrison

Senior Staff

Kate Eilertsen, Executive Director & Chief Curator

Andrea Saenz, Deputy Director

Gonzalo Magdaleno, Facilities Manager



Delisa Dodge, Office Manager


Twyla Ruby, Associate Curator

Katie Kime, Collections & Exhibitions Manager

Justin Wykcoff, Art Conservator


Molly Costanza, Development Database and Operations Administrator

Andrea Saenz, Deputy Director


Hugo Corro, Associate Director of Education + Civic Engagement


Daniel Glendening, Communications Manager


Evan Harrelson, Events Director

Site & Facilities

Jose Perez, Grounds Manager

Pascual Vaca Rodriguez, Site and Facilities Assistant

Visitor Services

Kathleen Schwanz, Manager of Visitor Services

Dave Else, Visitor Services Transportation Lead Representative

Xavier Davis, Visitor Services Representative

Rick Mariani, Visitor Services Representative & Gallery Attendant

Chris Rodrigues, Visitor Services Gallery Attendant

Sandy Zuckerman, Visitor Services Gallery Attendant

Patte Loper, Female of the Species, 1999, oil on panel, di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art.