di Rosa is honored to be one of 15 Bay Area visual arts organizations selected to participate in YBCA’s signature triennial Bay Area Now 7 (July 18–October 5, 2014). Using an art fair style format in which the selected participants present curated projects in a shared exhibition space, BAN7 celebrates visual arts organizations as vital players in the local arts ecology. The exhibition aims to foster increased appreciation for Bay Area art, artists, and organizers, and to promote a greater understanding of the vast range of practices and individual visions that make the Bay Area such a vibrant center for contemporary art.
For this exhibition, di Rosa commissioned San Francisco-based artist and filmmaker Floris Schönfeld to create an alternative creation myth of the di Rosa site in the format of a live action role-playing (LARP) game. Schönfeld collaborated with a local LARP group to integrate di Rosa’s site and collection into the narrative and logic of their existing game, Sanguine Dreams, a vampire chronicle set in 1980s Sonoma County. The game was played throughout di Rosa’s 217-acre property over three nocturnal gaming sessions in the spring of 2014. The project manifests as a multi-part installation including documentation shot during the gaming period, seminal artifacts from the resulting story, and a narrative video discussing the rules of the game.
Join us at YBCA to see Schönfeld’s installation, Sanguine Dreams at di Rosa, and celebrate the opening of this exciting exhibition. Enjoy cocktails and lively entertainment, and meet and mingle with some of the Bay Area’s finest contemporary artists.
Held offsite at YBCA: 701 Mission Street (at 3rd Street), San Francisco. $12 advance / $15 at door. Click here for more information.