Adia Millett is truly a “force of nature.” Her work invites us into a vibrant universe teeming with forms that have been fragmented, deconstructed and reassembled—a world in constant flux, awash with the possibility of transformative change. 


Over the last year, Millett spent countless hours wandering di Rosa’s 217 acres, collecting leaves, feathers and visual impressions that ultimately found their way into her work. Inspired by this ever-changing landscape, Millett created an arresting series of works evoking “earth, water, air and sun—the elements that birthed us and keep us alive.”


Millett relates that her process “is informed by taking things apart, removing, replacing, cutting, pasting, sewing and building”—and this is evident in her textile work as well as in her paintings. A maker and admirer of quilts, she incorporates this passion into every work, breaking materials and images down to elemental components and recombining them in fresh and surprising forms. An emblem of creative resilience, Millett’s practice suggests that destruction offers hope for new beginnings 

related programs

July 23: Exhibition sound healing | 2:30 pm 

July 23: Exhibition reception for patrons and members | 5 – 7 pm

August 20: Artist talk | 2:30 – 4 pm

October 29: Family program with the artist | 1:30 – 3:30 pm

Exhibition support provided by Peter and Louise Hassen.

Adia Millett, Solar Serpent, 2022.
“The countless creatures I witnessed living on the land, including a baby rattler, became mirrors. We are able to see ourselves in other living beings. As they navigate the land, so do we. I imagine the young snake using its senses to transition from the challenges of one season to another. Here the triangle-shaped painting, not only integrated the shades of red to symbolize fire, but blue, green, yellow, and gold, for the water, air, and earth. Like the snake, we move, shed, and thrive.”