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May 5 – October 8: Site-wide

Photographers Kija Lucas, Dornith Doherty, Sharon Beals, Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen take over the site with a series of large-scale outdoor installations speaking to Napa’s natural and human histories. Guest curated by Shirley Watts.

Along the shores of Winery Lake, playful portraits from Hjorth and Ikonen show people embedded in beloved landscapes. Meanwhile, in the Sculpture Meadow, Doherty’s sepia-toned electron microscopies of phylloxera blight reveal the role of agrobiodiversity in the surrounding vineyards. 

Beals’ exquisite photos of birds’ nests are blown up and installed in the olive grove, giving the impression you could crawl inside them. And under the regenerating olive trees, Kija Lucas’ scaled-up scans of plants and charred wood tell a story of fire and recovery in the Napa Valley.

                                                          Exhibition generously supported by:
                                                                                    Ann Hatch
                                                                                 Gene Grealish

Public Programs + Events
May 6: Curatorial Tour with Shirley Watts