The Incorrect Museum

Gallery 2 An ongoing exhibition exploring the history of Northern California art through di Rosa’s permanent collection, The Incorrect Museum celebrates the rule-breaking, iconoclastic spirit of art and artists in the region. Featured ArtistsRobert ArnesonFletcher BentonDavid BestSandow BirkJoan BrownJamie BrunsonEnrique ChagoyaOliver Lee JacksonJim MelchertRigo 23Peter SaulHassel SmithWilliam T. Wiley

Ghost in the Machine

 Gallery 2 September 8, 2023 — August 25, 2024 Developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning are blurring the line between man and machine—but Northern California artists have long wrestled with post-humanism. Working in the shadow of Silicon Valley at the close of the 20th century, Bay Area artists experimented with electronics, computing and robotics to create […]

To the Max!

A painting by Frank Hamilton entitled "Liverdun"

 Gallery 2 September 8, 2023 — August 25, 2024 To the Max! brings together California artists resisting the minimalist ethos of 20th century modernism. Beginning with the Pattern & Decoration movement of the 1970s, these artists reject minimalist austerity in favor of excess and abundance. Spanning a variety of media, works drawn from the permanent collection […]

Listen Louder: Ana Teresa Fernández

Get Tickets Gallery 1October 7, 2023 – January 21, 2024 di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art is pleased to present Listen Louder: Ana Teresa Fernández (October 7, 2023-January 21, 2024). In her largest career survey to date, San Francisco-based multidisciplinary artist Fernández shows paintings, sculptures, and films alongside site-specific installations and performances exploring the intersection of migration and […]

LIGHTFAST: Intertwine

                               LIGHTFAST film stills ©️Brownrigg, Dillbohner, Mattes and Scott Gallery 1February 24 – June 2, 2024 The four artists of LIGHTFAST are novelist and story writer Sylvia Brownrigg, cellist Monica Scott, and visual artists Christel Dillbohner and Danae Mattes. Beginning in […]

We the People

February 10 – April 21, 2024Gallery 1 Exterior di Rosa inaugurates a new video projection series with Jock McDonald’s We the People. The installation, displayed on the center’s exterior nightly between dusk – midnight, features stirring black-and-white portraits of San Franciscans morphing and blending into one another in a timely illustration of our connection and shared […]

Figure Telling: Contemporary Bay Area Figuration

June 3 – September 17: Gallery 1 Northern California artists have once again embraced the figure – but contemporary Bay Area figuration has a radically different feel. A multigenerational group of Bay Area artists working in a variety of media produce compelling works grounded in narrative, storytelling and personal memory. Read the press release Public Program: […]

Natural Discourse @ di Rosa

Explore the Guide May 5 – October 8: Site-wide Photographers Kija Lucas, Dornith Doherty, Sharon Beals, Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen take over the site with a series of large-scale outdoor installations speaking to Napa’s natural and human histories. Guest curated by Shirley Watts. Along the shores of Winery Lake, playful portraits from Hjorth and […]

Our Bodies, Ourselves

April 14 – August 27: Gallery 2 Women photographers in the di Rosa collection are reclaiming the female gaze, picturing bodies in ways not intended for male consumption. The works ask us to reconsider the camera lens as a tool of male power, raising questions about what kinds of bodies deserve depiction while centering issues […]

Totem di Rosa

Michael Garlington - Totem di Rosa

March 3 – July 30: Gallery 2 Acclaimed photographer and sculptor Michael Garlington’s site-specific installation is a towering meditation on the art of Northern California, crafted in wood, ceramic and photography. Visitors are invited to step inside and engage with di Rosa’s collections in fresh, unexpected ways. The installation of Totem di Rosa begins di Rosa Projects, […]