Oakland-based artist Adia Millett spent six months in intermittent residency at di Rosa, collecting materials, images, and sounds that she incorporated into a vibrant series of works exploring our ancestral connection to the earth. Millett’s paintings, textiles, and sculptural installations skirt the boundary between landscape, figuration, and abstraction, radiating the distinctive spirit of di Rosa’s place and its ancestral inhabitants. 

As Millett was creating the pieces, it became clear to her that their message of connection to the elements and to each other was not only meant to be seen but also heard. Throughout the afternoon, California-based sound healers invited by the artist will bless and honor the land and the exhibition.

Sound Healers Francesca Hogi, Lumi Licious, and Auspicious Acoustics (Mx. T and Ry-El) will perform in and around Force of Nature on July 23 to bless the space and honor the land it stands on.

Francesca Hogi is a love coach. She teaches people how to fall in love without settling, and how to live with more purpose and joy. A nationally recognized and award-winning love expert, Francesca’s been featured on The Today Show, in The New York Times, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, The Huffington Post, and more. She hosts the podcast Dear Franny, where she gives candid love advice, and writes about digital romance for Forbes.com. Francesca is a certified sound healer, and the creator of Love Notes, a heart-opening and self-love activating soundbath experience. She lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend and their dog Toast.

Lumi is a Devotionalist, Qigong practitioner, Plant Whisperer, and Untamed Seeker of the Wild.

Her work and offerings allow us to re-member our inherent wholeness no matter where we are in life.

Shortly after a life-changing traumatic brain injury, Lumi was called the shamanic paths of Shipibo curanderismo and Chinese energetic medicine. As a student of these two ancient lineages and the teachings of the stars, trees, plants, animals, and land spirits, Lumi is dedicated to helping us all find our own inner healer.

She believes our paths stay lit through a union of reverence and irreverence, allowing a fair dose of humor in our honoring of the big questions life begs us ponder.  Lumi works with clients to decolonize their plant medicine practice, and also facilitates grief work, integration sessions, qigong classes, teaches harm-reduction in plant medicine journeys and offers 1:1 Qi Touch Therapy.


Tiarra aka Mx. T is the Mother Creator of Ancestral Alchemy Academy, a Sovereign Food Forest Freedom School in Occupied Ohlone Territory, aka Oakland, CA.  Mx.T is also the lead organizer of AFRO INDIGO RETREATS, the World School extension of Ancestral Alchemy Academy designed to give Black-centered communities opportunities to experience life outside of the U.S. Empire.  Mx.T has been delivering radical learning and radically healing opportunities to local communities for 13+ years, and is committed especially to ensuring the bliss of our rising generations.

Ry-El is certified in Sound Healing and other energy healing modalities.  He is also the creator of INDIGO CLAN COMIC, a graphic novel series about spiritual warriors on a metaphysical mission to raise the consciousness of the planet. Ry-El co-organizes AFRO INDIGO RETREATS along with Mx. T, and this summer they are headed to Amazon in Brazil for an All Black Immersion with the Yawanawa Tribe.

Together Mx.T and Ry-El are AUSPICIOUS ACOUSTICS, and they create Vibrational Medicine Experiences for The People.   These Vibrational Medicine Experiences, aka Sound Ceremonies, integrate a variety of eclectic instruments from all around the world to bring deep healing and relaxation for the mind, body and soul.  Auspicious Acoustics is explicit about creating safe healing spaces for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, as well as our Allies, so as to be intentional about addressing the nuances of radical healing that are often overlooked.  Auspicious Acoustics’ Sound Ceremonies are unique transformational healing experiences that are not to be missed!